Sunday, 22 March 2015

Hurry up!! Special Monsoon offers on Kerala Packages  

As the monsoon season is about to begin in another 50 days, Kerala is all set to welcome Monsoon in its complete glory. Kerala, being the state in India to receive monsoon first has always been a favorite Monsoon travel and leisure destination for people all over the globe. With the introduction of Kerala Monsoon Tour packages, Monsoon Tourism in Kerala has come a long way. June, July, August, September & October are the Monsoon months in Kerala.  It is always a mesmerizing experience to enjoy Monsoon in Kerala. Monsoon gives Kerala a beauty that can never be compared.  The Greenish Kerala comes to a vibrant state with Monsoon reaching to the state. Kerala has always taken the advantage of Monsoon, making the state more green and beautiful.
Tripenticer, offers you customized Kerala Monsoon Tour Packages with a discount of 20-30%. Providing the fact that it is the best time of the year to receive an Ayurvedic treatment, Tripenticer Kerala Monsoon packages are affordable and cost-friendly. Monsoon in Kerala is different from other states as one cannot observe a continuous rainfall for weeks. It is seen in an alternative pattern of rain for few hours and later sunny atmosphere.  There are exceptional days when rain stretches from hours to days. But this does not prevent one from enjoying Kerala in Monsoon, because the sunshine is always near. Monsoon which comes after the long hot Summer is also a period of celebration for farmers, as it is their season of prosperity. Kerala brings out the magic of Monsoon in the most elegant way. But unfortunately, traveling during Monsoon is mostly avoided by the tourists. It is misunderstood to be less scenic and fun. Infact, it is the greatest season of the year where nature afresh itself and bring out everything new. It is the season of rainbows and raindrops which should never be missed 

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