Sunday, 1 July 2018

केरल यात्रा करना चाहते हैं - 30% बंद

केरल मानसून के मौसम में प्रवेश कर रहा है, जून से 30 सितंबर तक। केरल मॉनसून में पौधों में नई कलियों और बारिश के कारण साफ वातावरण के रूप में अधिक सुंदर है। अथिरपल्ली पानी गिरता है- वह स्थान जहां मूवी बहबली शूट किया गया था, चाय बागानों के साथ मुन्नार हिल स्टेशन, जंगली जानवरों को देखने के लिए थेक्कडी, हाउसबोट्स के लिए एलेप्पी और कुमारकोम famouse
ट्रिपेंटिकर हॉलीडेज़ के साथ केरल जाएं। हम एक ही यात्रा कार्यक्रम के लिए 6 अलग-अलग श्रेणियों के पैकेज प्रदान करते हैं- बजट, मानक, डीलक्स, सुपर डीलक्स, प्रीमियम और लक्जरी
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Saturday, 30 June 2018

5 Days Kerala Tour Packages - Monsoon Discount Offfer 

Visit Kerala In Monsoon period- Jun to Oct  - the rates are low. Kerala in its true beauty. Nature is clean, plants have new buds and greenery in its top. All nature is in rejuvenation mode.

Monsoon raining don't disturb tourism rather touists can enjoy it. Monsoon walk is the most attractive activity. Rain watch is really Wonderful.

This 5 Days Kerala Tour Package covers the Hill staion Munnar, Kerala's no -1 monsoon destination Athirapally falls and jungle safari.Alleppey Backwaters and Cochin.

Why Are you waiting For Book Now!

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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

3 Days Kerala Monsoon Packages by TRIPENTICER  

It is Monsoon time in Kerala - best time to visit Kerala in low price.  Athirapally falls is the main Monsoon Destination in Kerala. Athirapally Mazha Yathra is really wonderful.  Rain walk . rain watch are the main activities in Monsoon season. It is the best time for Ayurveda rejuvenation.

Kerala Monsoon starts at jun and ends in Oct, but the tourism season ends at end of Sept.  TRIPENTICER offers 6 different Itineries of 3 Days Kerala monsoon Packages.

Munnar - Alleppey / Kumarakom House boat Tour 3 Days  2 Nights

Munnar - Alleppey / Kumarakom House boat Day Boating Tour 3 Days  2 Nights 

Guruvayur- Athirapally -  Alleppey / Kumarakom House boat Day Boating Tour 3 Days  2 Nights

Athirapally - Vagamon - Thekkady Periyar Boating Tour 3 Days  2 Nights

Thrissur/ Cochin Airport - Guruvayur - Munnar Tour 3 Days  2 Nights

Athirapally - Vagamon - Alleppey / Kumarakom House boat Day Boating Tour 3 Days  2 Nights


One Car and Driver will be provided for the entire trip

Ac Transportation + 2 Nights AC Accommodation + Sightseeing 

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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Kerala Monsoon Packages 2018 with Price- TRIPENTICER 

We are entering another Monsoon season 2018- Monsoon is a blessing of Nature. Kerala monsoon Tourism is growing. Everyyear more and more people experiencing Monsoon Tourism in Kerala. The main Monsoon destinations in Kerala are Athirapally falls, Vagamon, Alleppey, Kumarakom Houseboat, Munnar etc.

Athirapally - no-1 Monsoon Destination of Kerala. 

In Monsoon sesaon Athirapally falls looks great. Thundering Mighty falls is eye catching. Thousands of Tourists Visits Athirapally. TRIPENTICER proudly presents 2Daytours

Monsoon season in Kerala is from Jun to Sept end. We offers 30 % discount on all Monsoon packages.

Explore Kerala in Monsoon Season with low price 

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Sunday, 27 May 2018

Waterfalls, Hill station & Backwater Monsoon Tour-2018 

Cochin- Athirapally Falls- Munnar- Alleppey / Kumarakom Backwater Tour 4Days & 3 nights 

Explore Kerala's no-1 monsoon destination Athirapally water falls, where the movie Bahubali shooted. Go for Athirapally Mazha Yathra.  A different exprerience- walking in Rain, Rain watching Etc 

Move to Munnar- the most beautiful Hill station od South IndiaSouth India. Munnar Sightseeing is Really Wonderful. 

Move to Alleppey / Kumarakom , the center of Backwaters with House boats, Motor boats, etc

4 Days Kerala tour in Monsoon 

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Thursday, 24 May 2018

 Explore 10 Days in Monsoon Kerala- Rain walk, Rain watch, etc 

Welcome to Kerala for Monsoon Tourism, take a 10 Days Kerala Monsoon Tour Package , explore the beauty of Kerala. 

Tripenticer specially designed Package covers- Cochin - Athirapally-  Munnar - Thekkady –Periyar Wild sanctuary ,Vagamon-  Kumarakom- Aleppey , Houseboat –Kovalam-  Trivandrum   

This package Covers all the major attractions of Kerala. We offers private tour. One car and driver for the entire Trip 

Explore 10 Days Kerala Monsoon package , Budget, Standard, Deluxe, Premium, and Luxury available, Flat 30% Discount  

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Best 10 Days Kerala Monsoon Tour

Kerala is entering yet another Monsoon season -2018. Early monsoon predicted by Monsoon forecast. Kerala Monsoon season is from Jun to nov 2 nd week. But the Monsoon Tourism season is from Jun to Sept 30 th.

Explore 10 Days Kerala Monsoon package in cheap price. 

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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Monsoon Destinations of Kerala- Athirapally, Munnar, Kumarakom, Alleppey, etc  

Kerala soon going to enter monsoon season, Most probably from May 25 onwards Monsoon Tourism is going to hit record high, as there is no continous raining, and a lot of sunny periods in between raining. After 1 or 2 hours of raining, 304 hours are sunny day.

Really The tourists are enjoying Rain trip, some like to have rain walk.Rainwalk through Hill staions, really Wonderful.

There are many day tours to experience Monsoon, the most famous one is Athirapally 'Mazha Yathra' ( Rain Journey). It is a one day programme. Athirapally Mazha Yathra ( Rain Journey) is an exclusive Monsoon Jungle Safari Drive that takes one through the evergreen forests in Sholayar Ranges of Western Ghats, Kerala.  Starts from Chalakudy / Ernakulam/ Cochin airport are main Starting points of 'Mazha Yathra' . Advance booking Is open . Rain walk with hot Coffee,  watching wild animals, etc

The packages would cover the famous Athirapally waterfalls, Vazhachal Waterfalls, Elephant Lake, Malakkappara and other scenic spots in the forest. 40 Kms Jungle safari through Rain Forest, lots of Wild animals like Elephants, Buffalo, etc,

Elephant Lake, TATA Tea Estate in Malakkapara, Poringalkuthu Hydel Tourism - Dam & Boating at Chimmini Wild Sanctuary morning

Destination covered: -  Chalakudy - Thumboormuzhy Dam & Riverview Garden, Natural River bath -  Butterfly Garden- Athirapally falls - Charpa falls - Vazhachal falls - Elephant Lake, Wild life watch , Malakkaparai tea Gardens 

Athirapally Mazha Yathra is through the Sholayar ranges of Western Ghats.

Get ready for Monsoon Tourism - 2018

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Friday, 11 May 2018

Kerala Monsoon Packages- TRIPENTICER 30% Off

Kerala is fast approaching Monsoon season. Preparation to receive Monsoon raining is going on. Monsoon is the blessing of nature. Monsoon season starts from Jun to end of September. Kerala Monsoon tourism is flourishing as Raining not disturbing the tourism activities. Normally 1 or 2 hours raining and another 2 or 3 hours sunny day follows. This gives momentum to Tourists. Rain walk is the most attractive Monsoon tourism activity The Main Monsoon destinations are Athirapally with mighty waterfalls in the forest. Athirapally-Mazha Yatha is attracting lots of Tourists Athirapally Mazha Yathra is through the Sholayar ranges of Western Ghats. Get ready for Monsoon Tourism - 2018

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Friday, 2 March 2018

Kerala Monsoon Tour Packages- 2018 

The best time to visit Kerala in low price. Kerala monsoon Starts at Jun and ends at Sept. 

Visit Kerala in Monsoon and get 30  % Off 

The Kerala Monsoon Destinations are Athirapally, unnar, Alleppey/ Kumarakom  Houseboat & Vagamon  

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